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PowerPoint Bible Studies
A Revelation-PPt '07 version
Bible Studies Preview
A Revelation-PPt '07 version

Bible Studies Description

NEW AUGUST 2010, Revelation Bible Study - PowerPoint 2007 Version. Renew your Vision is an "amazing graphics" 257 slide PowerPoint study on the book of Revelation. It comes with Student and Teacher Guides for 8 sessions. AVAILABLE BY AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD. CD available upon request with free shipping in the USA.

The graphics used in this study alone are worth the value of the product as it utilizes graphics by Oxygen, Sermonview, Pat Marvenko Smith, and Ted Larson. Nowhere in the United States will you find such a well put together study for classroom visual teaching than this one.

This study does not teach the millenium as taught by some Bible interpreters. The 1000 year rule mentioned in Revelation is understood as the NT era, not a special 1000 year rule of Christ on this earth.

The opening of the seventh seal at the beginning of chapter 8 serves as the introduction to the vision of the seven trumpets. The first 6 seals had depicted signs of the end followed by the last Judgment. When you compare Matthew 24 with Revelation 6 there are four things missing in Revelation 6. What is missing is a reference to false prophets, false Christs, apostasy, and love growing cold. We may summarize these four signs as being ungodly living and false teaching. Therefore, the calamities in Revelation 8 and 9 are viewed as a graphic portrayal of the effects of heresy in the church. Thus, these chapters fill in on what was missing in Revelation chapter 6.

A book that we recommend to be used with this study is "Revelation, The Distant Triumph Song" by Dr. Siegbert Becker. It can be purchased at Northwestern Publishing House in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Their website is www.nph.net.

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