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PowerChurch Plus 11.5 Bundle
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PowerChurch Plus 11.5 Bundle
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Sale ENDS 1/31/17 Church Management Made Easy!
FREE Shipping and $300+ in Bible Studies, Sermons, Videos, and Stills as a thank you!

Latest PowerChurch Plus Version 11.5 ships directly from the manufacturer and helps you organize Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Events, and general Record Keeping with one complete package at one incredibly low price! Excellent Product. It is an AWESOME DEAL and we've used it in our church for a long time. PLUS 90 days FREE tech support AND a coupon for 1 FREE online training session from PowerChurch directly. Networkable over your in-church network. PowerChurch Plus is powerful enough to keep track of all the details of a church, yet easy enough for everyone to use. With just a few clicks, you can access information about your members, their donations, or your churches financial status. WON THE CAMPBELL AWARD FOR USER SATISFACTION!

Also, you do not need to update annually, so it is a one time fee for as long as you want to use it. Phone Tree can be added for membership calls. Point of Power is an Authorized Reseller.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call Jeanne at 352-399-5367

Software Overview, etc.


We're AUTHORIZED RESELLERS. All technical support comes directly from PowerChurch Plus! AND a 450 Page manual comes with the CD.

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  • *** FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING and an Introduction to PowerChurch Plus online training class, too!!
  • We use this product in our church.

    Download a full working demo with sample data from PowerChurch Plus below! There is no time limit on the demo, but you are limited to 15 families in the Membership module, 100 transactions in Contributions and Accounting, and 10 Event entries.

    Download Demo 11.5 Now

    Here are some ways PowerChurch Plus can help at your church.

    • Increase Your Administrative Efficiency
      All of your church´┐Żs information is available at your fingertips. Keeping records up-to-date is a snap. You can enter and maintain information about families and individual members on a single screen.
    • Improve Your Outreach
      Besides maintaining complete information about your church members, you can also record attendance at church activities and track other ministry services such as visitations, baptisms, weddings and funerals.
    • Streamline Your Accounting Tasks
      You can account for contributions, maintain payroll, track your budget and automate your accounts payable and receivable. The Fund Accounting module is specially designed for churches and provides considerable flexibility.

    What's New in Version 11

    Key Features

    • Payroll module rewritten
    • Check In system integration (add-on product)
    • Google Calendar sync from Events Calendar
    • Track Contribution Designations
    • Repeating invoices in Accounts Receivable Other Information

    View a detailed list of upgrade features PowerChurch Plus Version 11 is our latest release, and is the most user-friendly version to date! Many of the changes that were made in the development of Version 11 make it easier to navigate and maintain. Version 11 builds on our strong tradition of delivering top quality software at an easily affordable price. In 2008, we sent an invitation to our users, asking for suggestions of changes to make in Version 11. We received a great amount of feedback and have included many of these improvements in the release of PowerChurch Plus Version 11.5

    Membership features.

  • Family e-mail address and sending process added
  • Allergies, Conditions, and Medications fields for each individual
  • There are now 12 custom date fields on each individual
  • Family and individual web site fields
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry to provide background checks for adult members of specific activities
  • Class Promotions added to easily move people from one activity to the next, such as Sunday School graduation
  • Send e-mails to the parents of children in selected activities
  • The following reports were added or changed in version 11:

  • Family picture option added to all Church Directory layouts
  • Blank family registration form
  • Update family information form
  • New "Deacons report" lists detailed family information with optional family picture
  • New "Active/Inactive Profiles reports" pull information from Contributions and Attendance history
  • New "Birthdays and Anniversaries report"
  • New "Attendance By Activity Type report" groups similar activities and lists attendance status for each week
  • Average Weekly Attendance By Month graph added
  • Contributions features.

  • Memo (note) field added to Contribution entry
  • Designated Contributions tracking added for things like memorials and missionary support
  • Easily include or exclude funds from Contribution Statements
  • Mark funds inactive
  • Average Weekly Contributions graph added
  • Canadian Tax Receipt layout added, strict interpretation of "sample # 1" receipt
  • Late Payers pledge selection for mail merge
  • Payroll module rewritten. The Payroll module was completely rewritten in Version 11. Many new features were added, including:

  • Time Off tracking
  • 941 Deposit Report assistant
  • Improved deductions/exemptions tracking
  • Process Contributions deductions from Payroll checks
  • Integration with Vanco Services to provide Direct Deposit
  • Record printed checks, manual checks, and direct deposit transactions all at once
  • State-specific tax table formats included for 50-state compatibility
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry to provide employee background checks
  • Other Accounting features.

  • Bank reconciliation process made simpler
  • Reprint bank reconciliation reports at a later time
  • Reprint posting report at a later time
  • Add accounts "on the fly" when working in other areas of the program
  • New change primary checking account process
  • New "Detail Changes in Equity report" shows the transaction detail behind the fund balance
  • Add A/P vendor "on the fly" when entering invoices and manual checks
  • Mark vendors inactive
  • Repeating items improved in Accounts Payable
  • Repeating invoices added to Accounts Receivable
  • Warns if checks or transactions have already been voided or reversed
  • General features

  • Sync Events to Google Calendar
  • Google Maps and Bing Maps added to internet mapping options
  • Refresh Report Options and Selection Criteria when viewing a report on the screen
  • Save and Recall report profiles
  • Drag and drop picture importing
  • Spell Check added to all notes fields
  • Date validation added, to help catch invalid dates, such as 12/01/0009
  • Improved network performance
  • Auto update downloads and installs Maintenance Release updates automatically
  • Date Range Selection allows date selections by name, such as "This week", "Last year", etc.
  • PowerPoint Sermons   Amazing Oxygen Stills