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MediaShout Mac Bundle Download+CD
$429.00 $305.00
Software Preview
MediaShout Mac Bundle Download+CD
Software Description
$100 off until 7.31.17 Get Download $299 and CD shipped for $6 = $305 total. *** PLUS $325 FREE in Stills, Videos, , PowerPoint Bible Studies, SPANISH Bible Studies, and Sermons to download when you purchase from us. See Bundle BELOW!

62 Bible Translations included FREE and 600 song lyrics. Latest Version CD ships FREE directly from Media Shout. Code emailed to get up and running quickly. Media Shout has great tech support by phone and many options for training including their Training DVD

MediaShout for Mac is the highly-anticipated release from the makers of the most popular worship presentation software on the Windows OS. Unlike other mac presentation software, MediaShout for Mac doesn╩╝t simply copy the interface from one OS to the other, but combines the ministry presentation tools you need with the familiar interface and unique tools made just for Mac OS X, including built-in iTunes & iPhoto access, Quicklook previews and Spotlight searches.

PLUS you get over $325+ Excellent Seasonal Bundle FREE! See Bundle Below.

Can't Decide? Call Jeanne for software advice 352-399-5367

Software Overview, etc.
  • FREE Sunday's Coming - 728 still backgrounds in 52 themes. Makes you look professional (Retail $29.95)
  • FREE Mother's Day Blessings Video (Retail $14.95)
  • FREE Father's Day Video - A Broader Perspective (Retail $14.95)
  • FREE Memorial Day Video - Remember Me (Retail $14.95)
  • FREE Mother's Day Background Set (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE Father's Day Background Set (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE 17 Still Backgrounds of Grape Vines, 4th of July, Petunias for Song and Verse (Retail $8.95)
  • FREE Still Backgrounds of Alaska's Denali (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE Still Backgrounds of Black-eyed Susan Flowers (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE 16 PowerPoint Childrens Sermons - 10 shown here. (Retail $15.95)
  • FREE 10 PowerPoint Sermons and Manuscripts - Anger, Evangelism, Forgiveness, Giving, Guilt, Reformation, Temptation, Your Kingdom Come, Trust, and Will of God (Retail $20.00)
  • FREE 10 PowerPoint Sermons and Manuscripts for Special Occasions: Easter, Pentecost, Ascension, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Missionary Journeys of Paul Bible Study - Excellent Maps - 6 session PowerPoint (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Life of Moses Bible Study - Our Best Selling PowerPoint - 8 sessions (Retail $19.00)
  • FREE Esther & Ruth Bible Study - 4 session PowerPoint with Teacher and Student Guides (Retail $14.00)
  • FREE Life of David Bible Study - 8 session PowerPoint (Retail $13.00)
  • FREE Elijah & Elisha Bible Study- 6 session PowerPoint with Teacher and Student guides (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Life of Abraham Bible Study - 6 session PowerPoint with Teacher and Student guides (Retail $15.00)
  • FREE Daniel & Jonah Bible Study - 9 session PowerPoint. You add your personal study. (Retail $13.00)
  • FREE 7 Teen Essentials PowerPoint Bible Study - Great for Lock-Ins, Retreats, or Bible Studies (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Kid Talk to God Talk PowerPoint - Evangelism Training for 3rd - 8th Graders (Retail $15.00)
  • FREE Small Talk to God Talk PowerPoint - Evangelism Training for Adults (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Understanding Addiction PowerPoint - Christian 12 Step to use with Addiction Group (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE 88 Favorite Hymns in PowerPoint with Music - Ready to use in PowerPoint or Worship Software (Retail $17.00)
  • All these FREE products are sent by email download.
  • We are authorized resellers of Media Shout and your technical support comes directly from them.

    MediaShout for Mac includes a license for 3 installations. These installations can be used for presentation or editing. Installation requires Internet activation.

    Can I open a MediaShout for Windows presentation in MediaShout for Mac? Not currently. To give our Windows and Mac products the greatest flexibility and most features, the presentation files are not cross-compatible.


  • Apple Computer
  • Intel Processor
  • 2GB RAM recommended
  • Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

    What about my library of 5,846 song lyrics? You can import/export the MediaShout Song Library Text file. We understand that one of the most time-consuming parts of ministry presentation is building your song library. In addition to the built-in SongSelect import, you can also import or export your song library to share between computers, regardless of operating system.

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