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Hitachi CP-X8170
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Hitachi CP-X8170

Projector Information

Order a Projector

Choosing projectors and projectors for churches takes some calculation. We don't want you to guess, so please email jeanne@pointofpower.com anytime, or call Jeanne at 352-399-5367** for information and the Point of Power price.

Office hours 11-5 EST Monday - Friday
**Occasionally, we are out of the office so please leave a message.

Projector Description

Registered lower pricing available for House of Worship. Call Jeanne @ 352-399-5367 for all the great options.

Accentualizer is advanced image processing technology which enables you to show a clear picture even in high ambient lighting environments. Accentualizer technology achieves superior image clarity by enhancing sharpness, gloss and shade.

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