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PowerPoint Bible Studies
"Jeanne we are LOVIN the new projector!!!! THANK YOU A GAZILLION AGAIN!
Walter Swaim

"Thank you very much for your excelent job! Your are very nice people and very excelent worker. We have now everything respect to the easyworship 2009. God bless you, your family and your job. Thank you again!"
Juan Jose
Florida Spanish speaking church.

"Thank you again so much for your tireless efforts to help me through this project. It wouldn't have turned out this well had I not had your help." Quote #2, "Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work. I'm sure you will enjoy seeing the finished product just as much as I did considering all of the hard work that you put into it. May God bless you and your ministry.
Richard LeJeune

"Jeanne, Just to let you know that the three projectors we recently purchased are perfect fits. They were a great buy and I only wish I could have afforded to buy a couple more of them Have a good day and may it snow no mo!
Craig Canfield

"My son will be in touch once he is settled in his new job as Association Missionary in NC. He has been instrumental in the past in seeing that at least 7 or 8 churches have installed systems. I have discussed with him how pleased we are with the service, information, quality of the equipment and speedy delivery."
B.G. Campbell

Pastor Mark and Jeanne, Wow, you are such a blessing. I just got finished downloading and I have looked at a few of the items. Immediately!!! the term "exceedingly abundant" filled my heart and my eyes with tears of joy. May God Almighty open the windows of Heaven and bless your business and your lives in the HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, name of JESUS CHRIST we pray. God Bless.
Pastor Chris Parker

"Point of Power, that in fact you are! Over the past year of so I have purchased thirteen CD's including Bible studies and teaching series. I have also purchased several graphics packages with which I am highly satisfied. Your materials are always professionally compiled. I also purchased Sunday Plus and have found it easy to use and very effective in worship services. Thanks for the all the materials and assistance in how most effectively to use them. A very satisfied customer."
Wayne Piper

"I wanted to let you know how awesome the new Da-Lite screen is. If you need a recommendation, feel free to provide my name. The congregation (and the brothers at our recent study club meeting) were impressed by the ease at which it could be raised or lowered and its light-weight design. The performance along with our projector is excellent. Thanks also for the Bible study. I'll be putting it to use soon. Blessings in Christ,"
Pastor Bob Edwards

"Thank you for all your help. I appreciate all the time that you took to research, price, quote, research, price, quote and all the links that you sent. But I think more than that, I appreciate the time that you took to listen to our wants and needs and the constructive feedback that you were able to offer from your own experiences. At no time in the process did I sense that we were just being sold a product."
Mark Swyka
New York

"We appreciate your guidance and assistance in helping us find a great projector - I also let my brother and brother in law in on your great deals. Hopefully it will result in some fruit. Thanks again for this special service to the Savior."
Pastor Duane C. Schmeichel

"How thankful I am for your generosity in sharing these CD's. I cannot begin to express the appreciation I feel. I intend to use them this year, even if only on overhead. But just to have them sent free, lets me know that there are wonderful brothers and sisters out there that love and share what our God has given them, with those of us who do not have the means to provide such ourselves. Sometimes ministry is lonely, but you connect. Thank you."
Ann Huddleston
West Virginia

"I used your Giving Sermon two weeks ago. It was very well received. Thanks."
Bob Howe
North Carolina

"I have used several of your products and have had great success with them in a Children's ministry at our small church."
Leon Lapel

"Thanks again for your ministry. The Apostle Paul Journeys are a hit with my Senior Religion class."
Pastor Daniel Solofra

"Thanks for the great work. It's beautifully done. I hope we'll have the funds one day to buy a projector for our teaching here!" We gave him our old projector and he sent us a picture of his class with the deaf in Russia.
Pastor Michael Ewert
missionary in Iskitim, Russia

"We used Paul's Missionary Journeys for my Adult/Teen Bible Class during VBS in 2001. We try to make a family night of it and often find that people come even if they do not have children. Having the pictures and slides from Point of Power was a great help to teaching. Pastors who want to get started with this teaching tool might consider borrowing or even renting a projector for a special event like VBS. Once the people see how enjoyable it is to learn this way, it seems there is always someone who will buy a projector (or two) for the congregation. Prices keep coming down along with the weight."
Pastor Mark Cordes

"Thank you for the excellent point of power presentation´┐Ż Thank you and thank the Lord for a job well done."
Pastor Chris Johnson

"I enjoy working with PowerPoint so I'm thankful for the high quality materials you are producing. It takes a lot of time but thanks for putting it in, the results are fantastic. I feel they are very user friendly in that they are easily adaptable and easy to use. I've used the Jonah presentation for a Bible class already and it was received extremely well. Our Bible class really enjoyed it. I plan on using the missionary journeys of Paul after Easter. I've also used the Apostle's Creed during worship (thank you very much by the way). Again that was also well received. People commented on how it made them think more about the phrases of the creed. One child asked me if Christ really went to hell after seeing the slide of hell pictured." Pastor Matthew Kuske

"I don't know if your students are future teachers or pastors´┐Ż (Point of Power) Neither! They are future staff ministers, many of whom have evangelism as a focus of ministry. (Professor Olson) It is a wise purchase for students at MLC, especially at the discounted group price. I agree -- and so do the students. They were suitably impressed with the fine work that you have done."
E-mail conversation with college professor regarding Small Talk to God Talk CD
Lawrence O. Olson
Director, Staff Ministry Program
Director, Congregational Evangelist Program

You made excellent use of graphics and illustrations. And your instructions on how to download were very helpful. You have some tremendous work there. Nice pictures and beautiful building effects. Thank you. I know I will recommend these to everyone I know.
Karen Kuenzel, wife if Rev. Karl Kuenzel
Iglesia Cristiana de la Reforma Luterana (ELS Mission)
Santiago, Chile
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