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About Us
We are Celebrating 14 Years in Business this Year! Our mission at Point of Power is to help you make decisions for the best church projector system and Worship Software within your budget AND to sell HIGH QUALITY complimentary church products at GREAT DISCOUNT PRICES. Jeanne is especially helpful to those who want to put projection into their churches, but don't know where to start and/or can't afford the $2000+ extra to have a professional integrator install for them. She'll do the calculating for you. A Caveat: If an online company doesn't list their names and tell you where they are from, don't buy from them!

Point of Power has also been producing PowerPoint for Christian leaders since 2001. In 2004, we started branching out into areas of ministry that would complement our products and help you in your ministry.

We thank all of you who have purchased our products and recommended them to your friends and co-workers. We realize that with technology today you are able to copy our copyrighted products and share them illegally, but we ask that as Christians you don't. We sell our products at very reasonable prices and would like to be able to continue to do that. There are many expenses to running an online business that the average person wouldn't realize. Thank you for your integrity and understanding.

Jeanne E. Schulz
Jeanne Schulz went back to school for some computer classes at Delta College as well as learning the requirements for churches getting started in projection. Her extensive knowledge in church projection systems is a huge asset for 'do it yourself' churches. Jeanne has also edited and formatted Pastor's Bible Study rough drafts to make them pleasing to the eye. She handles all projection sales, service, and most of the business aspects of this growing business. "We use many of the products we sell so we have personal experience with many of them." Only Professional AV quality products are sold for projection systems. We believe supporting small businesses and especially those owned by fellow Christians is important. God's Blessings to you and yours.

Pastor Mark M. Schulz
Pastor Mark Schulz is a fulltime ordained Minister of the Gospel in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. He served at Faith Lutheran Church in Pittsfield, Massachusetts for six years, 20 years as Outreach Pastor at Trinity Lutheran in Bay City, Michigan and in 2012 moved to Oxford, Florida for outreach at Open Bible Lutheran in The Villages. His special area of focus over the years has been in outreach evangelism, teen and small group ministry, and up until 7 years ago, prison ministry. Many of our PowerPoint Bible Studies were created by him. His church uses Media Shout Worship Presentation Software weekly and it has made a big difference in "saving preparation time" when compared to PowerPoint.

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