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EasyWorship Bundle
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2014 is Here! PLUS $325+ in FREE Stills, Videos, PowerPoint Bible Studies, Spanish Bible Studies, and Sermons to download when you purchase from us. See Bundle BELOW. Takes under an hour to learn. Latest version 2009 and FREE tech support comes directly from Easy Worship.

New Program Demo Soon

Unlock code is emailed on day purchased, just add to demo to make it full working copy. CD demo is shipped FREE with purchase if you need it. Be sure to add additional translations to cart if you preach in anything other than KJV or ASV.

Can't Decide? Call Jeanne for software advice 352-399-5367

Software Overview, etc.
  • FREE Sunday's Coming - 728 still backgrounds in 52 themes. Makes you look professional (Retail $18.95)
  • FREE Journey to the Cross Song (Retail $18.00)
  • FREE Passion History PowerPoint (Retail $14.00)
  • FREE Three Crosses Motion (Retail $6.00)
  • FREE Palm Sunday Palms Waving (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE Cruxifixion of Christ Video - (Retail $10.00)
  • FREE Christ is Crucified Video - (Retail $10.00)
  • FREE Garden of Gethsemene Video - (Retail $10.00)
  • FREE He Defeated Death Background - (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE He is Risen Background- (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE 17 Still Backgrounds of Grape Vines, 4th of July, Petunias for Song and Verse (Retail $8.95)
  • FREE Still Backgrounds of Alaska's Denali (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE Still Backgrounds of Black-eyed Susan Flowers (Retail $5.95)
  • FREE 16 PowerPoint Childrens Sermons - 10 shown here. (Retail $15.95)
  • FREE 10 PowerPoint Sermons and Manuscripts - Anger, Evangelism, Forgiveness, Giving, Guilt, Reformation, Temptation, Your Kingdom Come, Trust, and Will of God (Retail $20.00)
  • FREE 10 PowerPoint Sermons and Manuscripts for Special Occasions: Easter, Pentecost, Ascension, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Missionary Journeys of Paul Bible Study - Excellent Maps - 6 session PowerPoint (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Life of Moses Bible Study - Our Best Selling PowerPoint - 8 sessions (Retail $19.00)
  • FREE Esther & Ruth Bible Study - 4 session PowerPoint with Teacher and Student Guides (Retail $14.00)
  • FREE Life of David Bible Study - 8 session PowerPoint (Retail $13.00)
  • FREE Elijah & Elisha Bible Study- 6 session PowerPoint with Teacher and Student guides (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Life of Abraham Bible Study - 6 session PowerPoint with Teacher and Student guides (Retail $15.00)
  • FREE Daniel & Jonah Bible Study - 9 session PowerPoint. You add your personal study. (Retail $13.00)
  • FREE 7 Teen Essentials PowerPoint Bible Study - Great for Lock-Ins, Retreats, or Bible Studies (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Kid Talk to God Talk PowerPoint - Evangelism Training for 3rd - 8th Graders (Retail $15.00)
  • FREE Small Talk to God Talk PowerPoint - Evangelism Training for Adults (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE Understanding Addiction PowerPoint - Christian 12 Step to use with Addiction Group (Retail $17.00)
  • FREE 88 Favorite Hymns in PowerPoint with Music - Ready to use in PowerPoint or Worship Software (Retail $17.00)
  • All these FREE products are sent by email download.
  • Your FREE TECH SUPPORT comes directly from Easy Worship.


    EasyWorship NEW 1.9 Build adds support for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 32 bit. Latest Version in church worship software and we'll send you the manual along, too. NEW FEATURES ARE: Display Foldback which lets the stage see a custom display with the current presentation, a preview of the next scheduled item, a clock and private alerts. One-Click Video Switching for planned spontaneity. Web Integration for Full Screen YouTube videos and more. Scheduled Playback and Audio Integration with new media player displays total and elapsed time with controls for volume, mute, play/pause, repeat and seek. Updated User Interface with cleaner icons and buttons throughout. Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatible. Download a full working copy of Easy Worship below and request the 2009 manual via email. We'll send you the product key code # when you purchase. This is a site license product which means you can have it on unlimited computers at the registered church.

    • Display and manage all your media
    • Integrated Powerpoint 97-2007 support
    • 100+ real time video transitions and cross fades
    • Dual monitor display for distraction-free worship and events
    • Overlay anti-aliased text on moving video at 30fps
    • Integrated suport for DVD clip playback
    • Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista , Windows 7 supported
    • Site license is standard (purchase one copy for mutiple computers)
    • Integrated interface with Song Select Lyric Service(download songs instantly into the Easy Worship song database)
    • Manage your songs, Scriptures, videos and backgrounds in an easy to use database
    • Optimal display quality with shadows and outlined text at the same time
    • Build and save a schedule for an event or service, and/or quickly locate unscheduled media on the fly
    • Display MPG1, MPG2, AVI, DV, WMF, WMV video formats
    • Control sound levels, looping and navigation of AVI and videos within Easyworship
    • KJV, ASV, RVA Bible versions included with instant search and display capability
    • Additional Bible Versions available for $29 each. Add item to Cart and choose from Pull Down Menu. Be sure to get the translation that is used for text reading.
    • Add NIV - English or Anglican, NKJV, NVI-Spanish, RVRevised, AMP, MSG, GNT, NASV, NLT, ESV, RSV, and many more international free ones. ~~ CALL JEANNE at 352-399-5367 to purchase if you prefer.
    IF PURCHASING, BE SURE TO PUT YOUR CHURCH NAME & PHONE NUMBER in the memo box of the shopping cart for Registering the Product to your church. This is a 30 day full version demo.

    Download 30 Day Demo Now

  • System Requirements and FAQS
  • PowerPoint Sermons   Amazing Oxygen Stills