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Replacement Lamps

YES, We have them!! And only mark them up $20 over our cost. Projector manufacturer original lamps only. If your image is getting dull, it's time to replace your lamp or get a new projector. Sometimes it's better to get a new projector because prices have come down so much and replacement lamps are expensive.

There are three levels of replacement lamps. All are basically made in China, but the best and most expensive are the original manufacturer. Then the Genuine Compatible which is made to the original manufacturer specs and less expensive, and finally the last level which is just made in China. I stay away from these inexpensive ones. I don't recommend them. ** If your are buying online and the price is too good to be true, you may be only getting the bulb and not the entire lamp case OR a 3rd tier lamp.

Send me your projector type for pricing. Contact us at 352- 399-5367 or EMAIL US with your projector specs.

Lamps are available for all Professional AV brands and we have very competitive pricing on most lamps!


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