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PowerPoint Bible Studies
Christianity, Cults, Religions
Bible Studies Preview
Christianity, Cults, Religions

Bible Studies Description

AVAILABLE BY AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD. CD shipped free for Windows and Macintosh in USA.


    If you use Microsoft's PowerPoint presentation software, this fantastic ready-to-use teaching tool will allow you to project on a screen-or show on your computer monitor-a comparison of the beliefs of 20 different religious groups. Contains more than 300 slides.

    Groups compared:

  • Christianity, Scientology,Judaism, Buddhism
  • Islam, Unity School of Christianity, Armstrongism, New Age
  • Hinduism, NEW Wicca, Mormonism, Hare Krishna
  • Unification Church, NEW Nation of Islam,Jehovah's Witnesses, Nichiren. Shoshu, Buddhism
  • Christian Science,Transcendental Meditation (TM), Spiritualism, Baha'i World Faith
  • Know what they believe about God, Jesus, Salvation, life after death, and their interesting practices. Shows the founder, date, and location of the group's headquarters. Has photos of founders, headquarters, symbols, key writings, magazines and tracts, practices, etc.

    Each frame shows the beliefs of a particular religious group on a certain topic. For example, one frame will show the Mormon belief about Jesus, another will show the Mormon belief about salvation. At the bottom of each frame is a Bible button that allows you to go to the frame that shows the Christian belief on the same topic in just one click, so there is no scrambling to find the right frame. One more click will return you to the previous frame.

    There is enough information in this presentation to teach for weeks (200+ frames). You may show just one group at a time or show all twenty. You control the order, the timing, and the frame speed.

    Bonus included on the CD! You can print out teacher's notes and handouts showing each frame so that your students can easily follow your lecture and take notes. These PDF files require Acrobat Reader 4 or later to open, which is not included on this CD, but is a free download off the Internet at Adobe.com

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