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PowerPoint Bible Studies
Christianity, Cults, The Occult
Bible Studies Preview
Christianity, Cults, The Occult

Bible Studies Description

AVAILABLE BY AUTOMATIC DOWNLOAD. CD shipped free for Windows and Macintosh in USA.


    Since nearly 75% of U.S. teens have dabbled in some form of psychic activity or witchcraft (according to a recent Barna Group survey of more than 4,000 teens), your students will be open and eager to know how to face the occult when they face it in their school and neighborhood.

    This 200-slide, ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation clearly contrasts Christianity and 11 movements with a wide range of occult connections:

  • Freemasonry, Kabbalah Centre, Wicca/Neopaganism
  • Satanism, Spiritualism, Santera, Voodoo
  • Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Rosicrucianism, Eckankar
  • Topics compared:

  • Origins (founders, dates, headquarters)
  • Key writings, Key beliefs,
  • Occultic practices,Affiliated organizations
  • Symbols and photos, News and controversies
  • Bonus sections:

  • Astrology and Horoscopes
  • Glossary of Occult Terms
  • Scriptural Warnings on the Occult
  • Some religious groups look harmless, but the Bible says their practices can be spiritually deadly! Many people are attracted to occult groups like the Kabbalah Centre because of celebrities such as Madonna and Demi Moore. Other people don't know what's behind Rosicrucianism and Anthroposophy until it's oo late. Pop culture glorifies Wicca and neopaganism. Christians need clear, reliable information on these and other groups to know what's what and who's who.

    Many American youth (73%) have engaged in at least one type of psychic or witchcraft-related activity, beyond watching a TV show or movie, or reading their horoscope.

    The Barna Group reported on the most common types of occult behaviors: Using a Ouija board and reading a book about witchcraft or Wicca - 30% of teens Playing a game featuring sorcery or witchcraft elements - 25% of teens. Participated in a sance- 10% of teens Casting a spell or mixing a magic potion - approx 8% of teens Having one's palm read (30%) Having their fortune told (27%). Visiting a medium or spiritual guide (9%). Consulting a psychic (9%).
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